Truck / Trailer Suspension order form

The following information is required for ordering Liftable Air Suspensions to install on trucks or tractors.
  • Read before completing this form.

    This form is to be used for single suspension orders. If ordering multiple suspensions please add quantity needed in the "Specific Details" area below. Multiple suspension orders MUST be identical suspensions or add-on items. Call us if you require help with your order 800-658-3866.
  • Select unit desired if known.
  • Select unit desired if known.
  • Select unit desired if known.
  • Measurement from nearest drive axle to liftable axle.
  • Outside of drivers to passengers side frame measurement including glove.
  • Loaded frame height from bottom of frame to ground measurement. If height given is unloaded please add UL behind your measurement.
  • Tire size to be used on the liftable axle; also indicate the loaded tire radius if known.
  • Distance from the bottom of the frame to the bottom of the driveshaft in the lowest position.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY